80 pct of people feel guilty for smartphone obsession

 新闻资讯     |      2019-08-06 10:43

A total of 84.9 percent of people in a recent survey said obsession with their smartphones has made them spend less time communicating with their families and 78.9 percent said they feel guilty for doing so.

The survey, published by the China Youth Daily earlier this week, polled 2,004 people, about 90 percent of whom saw the obsession as an obstruction to personal communication with family members.

This feeling appeared to be even stronger among people in their 30s -- the "1980s-generation" -- as 91.4 percent of them complained about the "phubbing" impact.

Besides, a total of 71 percent of the respondent____pressed concern that overuse of mobile phones will bring about health problems such as vision decline and neck pain, according to the news_____.